We  have  developed  the  original  patent  technology  of  the  periodic micro-  and  nanodomain structuring  in  MgO  doped  LN  (LN:MgO),  which  allows  to  produce  low-cost  and  effective elements for wavelength conversion of laser light. 

Our technology allows to achieve: 

a)  conversion efficiency from 1064 nm to 532 nm above 60%,

b)  average power above 10 W for single pass SHG in 5-mm-length and 1-mm-thick element with QPM temperature 30 – 80oC for nanosecond pulse laser at the customer’s option. 






Labfer  Ltd.  posesses  the  production  chain  to  manufacture  complete  PPMgO:LN  elements with AR-coating from lithium niobate wafers.