PPMgO:LN crystals

The main product of Labfer Ltd is the low-cost nonlinear-optical laser wavelength conversion elements based on the periodically poled MgO doped lithium niobate crystals (PPMgO:LN).

The most important features of such wavelength conversion elements are:

  • Higher efficiency than for usual phasematched materials due to utilization of the highest value of d33 nonlinear coefficient in lithium niobate
  • Absence of walk-off
  • Arbitrary low, customer defined working temperature
  • Flexibility – almost any nonlinear wavelength conversion effects can be realized
  • High damage threshold due to suppression of photorefracton by MgO doping.

PPMgO:LN elements are manufactured by proprietary technology.

Custom sizes and domain period for different applications are available.

Please contact us for the details:

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